A Twist on “We Want What We Want Because of FEELINGS”

I’ve written about this before.  But I have a twist on it now.

Everything you want… you want it because of how you will feel in the having of it. You don’t actually want the thing or the person or the relationship or the money – you want the fun or you want to feel loved or you want to feel the lack of constraint of a budget. The thing is a means to an end.

So – if you have a wish list or a vision board… same thing… you don’t actually want that shit at all. You want to Feel the way you imagine you’re going to feel once you have it.

So. What feelings do you want to feel?

Bottom line here’s what my vision board seems to boil down to – I want to feel:
To love and to be loved
Professionally Relevant
Spiritually Aligned
Like I’m Continually Growing

How do you want to feel?

It might help to define the terms. For example – for me, success means that I have many clients/customers willing to pay full price for any products or services my business has to offer, and I’m able to pay my bills, save money, and my profit continues to grow at a steady rate.
Pampered means that I have a home with updated furnishings and decor, a cleaning service, a lawn service, and I get regular massages.
Prosperous means that I spend very little if any time considering questions like, “Can I afford that?” and consider more, “Do I even want that?” Functionally everything would cost the same… from a $1000 dinner at a fancy pants restaurant and a $2 special from Taco Bell… and the decision would come down more to what I wanted to experience in that moment rather than what it would cost me financially.

Now that we have definitions though we can chase them.
For example:
I feel spiritually aligned when I am meditating often, so I should build that into my schedule.
I feel healthiest and most principled when I’m working out regularly, eating right, and eating a plant based diet.
I feel attractive when I’ve bothered to do my makeup, straighten my hair, and wear shoes that don’t come with laces.

So I can achieve these feelings now. I don’t need to spend more or buy anything or wait for a thing to come along to feel these feelings. These feelings are achievable and accessible now. So let’s access them. 🙂
Sending lots of love,

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