Assigning Meaning to Your Years

Do you give names to the years of your past? Do you label them?  Give them names or themes?

I met someone last year that did this and I found it really intriguing and insightful.

It gives meaning to the time even if it sucked.  You acknowledge it, but it doesn’t own you; it’s gone.  Naming them all shows you the long term journey you’ve been on; some parts were good, some parts not so good, but they’re all impermanent and none of them last forever, so long as you make the choice you don’t want them to.  But you do have to decide.

Just for fun I labeled mine.

2018: The Launch (at least I certainly hope so)

2017:  Friends

2016:  The Year I Said I Was Tired of This Shit

2015:  When You Keep Doing The Same Thing and Nothing Changes, You Just Keep Doing the Same Thing, but More and with Greater Intensity, and Still Nothing Really Changes

2014:  Choosing Health Above All Else

2013:  Finding a New Way

2012:  Jumping Off the Cliff with My Eyes Closed

2011:  Is Misery all there is?

2010:  German Misery

2009:  Italian Misery

2008:  The Italian Leap

2007:  The Rollercoaster

2006:  The Heal that Didn’t Take

2005:  The Embarkation and the Heal

2004:  Australia

2003:  So this is what paying for your friends is like

2002:  Stuck

2001:  The Year I Finally Got Away

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