I just figured out something about being judgemental

When I judge other people, a lot of times I’m judging myself for the same thing.

It doesn’t apply to everything, which is why I didn’t see this at first, even when I heard other people say it.  I have judged people for being uncommunicative and distant.  I’ve judged people for being late without a good reason.  And I’ve judged people for not paying back financial loans.

These are things I don’t generally do or have issues with.  I am big on communication, closing emotional distance, being on time, and honoring my friends’ debts as immediately as possible.

But I really want to further enter this business space of helping people grow and creating A-ha moments for people, and I’ve been surrounding myself with other people that are doing the same thing, but are maybe a little earlier in their career trajectories.

And damn am I scathing as all get out in my internal assessments of them.

  • What makes her/him think that they’re qualified to do this?
  • There’s nothing special about what he/she is offering.
  • I could do this, anyone could do this, why on earth would anyone pay money for this?

And surprise, I’m finding myself feeling the very same things about myself, even though I know I have the ability to help others.

Not sure what to do with this information yet but just sharing…

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