List Three Things You Need Every Day

I want to be more in touch with me as a person and getting to know myself and what I need.  I don’t usually think about it or take very much time to address it.  I wanted to know what I could do to be better at this and someone gave me an incredible suggestion that I’d like to share with you.

She suggested that I write down three things I need every day.

It can be anything and it doesn’t even matter what they are.  They just have to be unique to you.  It’s an interesting awareness exercise, at least, for me, because if you asked me today what I need, my first reaction and inclination would be to draw a big fat blank other than food, water, shelter.

Today I need:

  1. Time alone to get shit done
  2. To be really productive so I can reduce my to do list
  3. To clean my house
  4. To take a shower
  5. To think harder about what my priorities really are and align the way I’m spending my time with them – I feel overscheduled.  I probably just need to be more effective in my unscheduled time; I waste a lot of time.
  6. The universe to do some of the things on my to do list for me? 🙂

So far so good 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone,

Love Kasia

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