How to Hack “You’re the Combination of the 5 People Closest to You”

I’m taking a one-month break from writing on this blog – so I have some weekly posts scheduled for you to read in my absence. 🙂

Common saying around the interwebs:

Look at the five people that are closest to you/that you spend the most time with.

You’re a combination of those five people.

Not quite satisfied with what you see in the mirror?  Feel like maybe there’s something missing from your network?  Maybe you wish you knew someone with a specific interest, but you don’t,  or someone better at an activity than you are, but you don’t.  You want to make this mythical fifth person part of your network, but you don’t know anyone who fits the bill?

Life hack:  Go find an online forum or “real life” group dedicated to that interest, and start actively and heavily participating.

I don’t know anyone who retired early, but I found an online forum full of people who did.  And that forum changed my life.  To the point that I spent so much time on that forum, interacting and talking with people, that that forum functionally became one of my “five”.

What is your mythical “fifth” friend good at that you aren’t?  Go find her online.

Love, Kasia 🙂


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