A Weekly Strategy Sesh

I started using Google Calendar for everything.

I can see it on my phone and on my laptop at any given moment, and they sync together.  I schedule all of my commitments on it, as well as my to do list items.

I’ve been much more effective and productive since doing this!

To take it to the next level, I have a list of things I want to accomplish each week.  Every Monday, I go through and make sure they are scheduled on my calendar.

Every week I want to:

  • See a friend one-on-one
  • Get a group of friends together and see a few people at once
  • Participate in an online forum focused on self-development.
  • Pick a stranger to make eye contact with and have a conversation.
  • Try a new activity that I look forward to that is also active.
  • Treat myself or take myself out on a date
  • Choose an intention each week and watch it come to fruition
  • Do this weekly review (heh, heh)

If I didn’t have these on my calendar, chances are pretty much zero they’d all happen. I don’t know if they’ll all still happen now being on my calendar (I find talking to strangers in unstructured settings difficult), but at least I have a chance now.


Not a big deal but hoping it leads to more productivity 🙂

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