Choose Differently – Just for Today

We live the entirety of our lives in a long string of “today”s.

The past and the future are mental constructs that don’t ever actually exist.  You are never “in” the past or “in” the future.  You are only ever existing and aware in the present.  Everything that happens to us – it all happens just for today.

So guess what?

That basically makes your mind a timekeeper, and time doesn’t really matter.  The past doesn’t matter, and neither does the future.

What we do today is all that matters.  Not what we did yesterday, or what we’re going to do tomorrow.

Does this concept sing to you?

So let’s take it one step further.  

You can access all versions of you all of the time.  From the 5-year old inner child in you to the 75-year old wise old person that you foresee but haven’t become yet.  They’re mental constructs too.  They all exist, right now, because there is no such thing as time.  You’re also all of the versions of you that you wish you were, but never realized in real life.  You’re also all of the less-ideal versions of you that you could have been, but you were thankfully able to sidestep, maybe through work, or maybe through luck.

Because you have access to all versions of you all of the time, you have the choice to choose which version you’re going to be.

So which version are you choosing, just for today?

How can you use this concept?  

What stories do you tell yourself and others about yourself?  Are you bogged down by mental constructions of yourself that are kind of dragging you down or holding you back?  Do you keep telling the story over, and over, of ‘who you used to be’ or ‘what happened to you’, or how things “never go your way”?  Are you overly attached to an identity that doesn’t really match who you are anymore?

Are you ready to let that past version of you go?

Are you ready to stop telling that story, and never tell it ever again?

Are you ready to choose a new story, and tell that one instead?

Are you ready to let go of that old identity, and assume a new, better one?

I struggle with some aspects of this, and maybe you do too.  I have emotional baggage that maybe I’m not quite ready and willing to let go of, mainly anger and resentment towards other people.  I’m also quite attached to my past (being as I have highlighted huge parts of it here and here for you) and to let that go would be like letting go part of my identity. It feels strange.  I like telling the story about where I’ve been sometimes.

But it makes it easier for me to let this stuff go if I can just tell myself to do it – just for today.

So here’s how I’m using this.

I’m 5-year old me who was the epitome of light, play, fearlessness, and unconditional love.

I’m the 40-year old me who has everything she’s been chasing and is living life to its fullest with reminders of how from that 5-year old.

Guess what?  Today, I’m not any version other than those I’ve chosen.  I’m not any version that feels suicidal, hopeless, afraid, resentful, angry, annoyed, sad, lonely, or trapped.  I’m not any version which is held back by myself or others, and I’m not any version which uses the words “But, I can’t.”

Each one of those “Buts” is a rock that I’ve put into a trash bag behind a door which I’ve now shut behind me, along with all of those versions that insisted on carrying around all that baggage everywhere I’ve go.

Just for today, I am not going to think another thought about a version of me that feels “less than” ever again.

Just for today, I’m not her anymore.

Just for today, I release my baggage:  my anger, fear, sadness, worries, and burdens, and close the door on all of it.

Just for today, I choose differently.

Just for today, I’m my best version of me.

Then I’ll do it again tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the day after that.  Until I just don’t even have to think about which choice I’m choosing – and I just am that version I always knew I was and could be.

What have you chosen to do differently?

Lots of love,


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