Priming Your Mindset For Goal Achievement

I’ve been thinking a lot about priming my mind but instead of doing so for just general performance, I wanted to do so with my latest goal in mind of finally dropping weight. (Which is going pretty well at the moment, lost around 7.5 pounds, mostly water, but you know, still happy for now).

So the idea is that you want the goal in the forefront of your mind as much as you can manage it, but in a positive way, and that subconsciously this will propel you toward goal achievement.

The way you achieve this is through the creation of anchors in your environment.

What’s an anchor? Something that you note throughout your day that reminds you of your goal and gives you that little inspirational boost and upliftment as you consider its achievement.

The example given in the link above is of a lady who created 50 anchors in the quest of winning a travel competition for which 30000 also competed. She did win, by the way.

Here are some of the things she did:

  1. Affirmations:  Wrote over and over “I have won the competition.” in her journal
  2. She changed the password on her computer to “Competition Winner” – so she had to type it in 50 types per day.
  3. Changed her husband’s name in her phone from Mark to “Co-Competition Winner.”
  4. Changed her phone background to a relevant image.
  5. She created multiple dream boards.
  6. She created multiple visual reminders around her home.
  7. Wrote down her goal as specifically as she could
  8. Told every supportive friend she had about her goal
  9. Put in her application EARLY
  10. Visualized as often as possible what it would be like to have already won
  11. Scheduled the travel into her calendar prior to winning

So, I wanted to apply this to my own life. I didn’t come up with fifty anchors (though at first I really wanted to, and tried), but I did find some strong ones:

Photo: Cam Miller via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

  1. Changed my lock screen on my phone to unlock with my goal weight
  2. Changed my lock screen photo and phone background photo to a girl who looks like me, who used to weigh what I did, but weighs what I want to weigh now, and looks the way I want to look
  3. I put that same photo on my work laptop desktop.
  4. I printed out a photo of a runner finishing the race I’m training for and put it in a common area (since my roommate is training for the race too now, see, the universe conspires to help you succeed!)
  5. I signed up for that damn race!  So I’m doing it – in 10 weeks!  This is happening!  aaaaand I told everyone I know just now apparently.  And, oh yeah, I picked the smallest shirt size they have because by then it’s gonna fit just right.
  6. Set up hourly reminders on my phone from 8am to 9pm each day, so that every hour, a message pops up to counter one of my negative beliefs in an attempt to shift them. Most of them came from my mental work I did in that post, but I added some new ones:
    • Good morning beautiful!
    • I easily reached my body recomposition goals
    • Getting my ideal body was easy this time
    • Congratulations on sculpting that perfect body!
    • Well done on running that 10K in under an hour!

And oddly I’m randomly inspired to declutter… I want to prime my space for awesome and – I’m not far off but I have too much crap around right now.  My space should *breathe* success and serenity, and it right now it doesn’t quite  But it will.  Soon.

PS:  It’s funny to me how all of this came together right around the Spring equinox.  Spring is my favorite season.

Lots of love,

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