Forget Long Term Goals – Instead Try 1-Week Challenges

Sometimes instead of a big looming huge fat goal, it helps to break it up into a little teeny goal.

Enter the 1-Week challenge.

The benefit of a 1-Week challenge is it gives you a chance to build some positive momentum.  The more success you have in sticking to something, the more success you will have sticking to something in the future. You’ll be building that “discipline” muscle, and before you know it you could be unstoppable! 🙂

Also, if it’s going well, you can keep going, if not, 1-Week is not a very long time to commit to anything.  It also gives you the freedom to try a really BIG change during that time, like cutting out entire food groups like dairy or carbs, going to the gym every day for a week, completely not spending any money whatsoever for an entire week, forcing yourself to get up at 5am for an entire week, you get the picture.   A chance to try an extreme change that you’ve pondered, but haven’t been able to commit to.  Committing for 1-week is less scary.


You can also try a small change too – like –

  • Drinking tea instead of coffee
  • Going for a walk every day
  • Writing down 5 things your grateful for every day
  • Not getting something from the vending machine this week
  • Taking 5 minutes of quiet time during lunch to clear your mind

Give it a try and see what you think! 🙂

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