Deliberately Choose The People In Your Life

There’s forgiveness, and then there’s tactics, right?

I am still working on forgiving people – it’s a work in progress. But until that happens, I am dealing with a current state of affairs where I have some negativity in my life from others that I have realized I need to nip in the bud for the sake of my own mental state. I simply cannot and will not accept it any longer.

I find the people in my life have an incredible impact on me and my results. When those people are helpful and uplifting, the impact they have is amazing and incredible. The friends that I have who love me, support me, give me feedback, and give me their time and energy even when not requested – I appreciate them so much, and after I spend time with them, I feel better, inspired, stronger, happier.

On the flip side, when people are coming from a more negative space, the impact is not good. Sometimes it’s incredibly devastating and draining. I have spent the better part of a decade being pulled off course of what I want and need by people like this. And I simply do not have time or energy for this in my life any longer. It’s coming to a head at the moment, because, when I’m around people like this, I veer wildly off course. I don’t feel like working out or working toward my goals. I don’t feel like writing for you all. I don’t feel like reading or researching or going out or having fun or cleaning up or working or doing much of anything for myself at all. My income nose dives. I doubt myself. Putting myself out into the world becomes harder. I fear taking more risks. I waste a stupid amount of time on stuff that doesn’t matter, until I manage to get myself unstuck. I feel worse, uninspired, weak mentally and physically, and not happy.

As such I am currently finding it of the utmost importance to be very deliberate in choosing who I surround myself with, while I simultaneously work on becoming centered enough to be able to detach from such influences, regardless of how strong they are.

So I suppose I’m detoxing today, in a way. I’m going to do my best to either no longer associate or severely limit my associations with people who bring me down. Full stop.

Sending you love and strength,


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