I suck at meditating, but just got slightly better

One of my goals for the year is to develop a better spiritual connection with ‘that-which-is’.

One of the oft-mentioned tips for this is meditation. The idea being that you clear your mind, and for approximately fifteen minutes, you either focus on nothing (or something very basic like a ticking clock) or you focus on an incantation or affirmation of some sort, depending on your goal.

I’ll be honest I totally suck at this because while I ordinarily do just fine focusing, my mind is easily distracted right when I tell it to shush. Squirrel.

But I found this little trick that I recently discovered helps me, and maybe it will help you too.

I’ve found that if I make a slow, low sound while I’m meditating, my mind automatically clears. I’m focused on the sound, and I’m focused on deep breathing. And when I take a breath from making a sound, I notice my mind is totally clear, and my psyche is completely empty and relaxed. I’ve been landing on the sound of “Hue” but I don’t think it matters much what sound as long as you find it calming and pleasing. I find it very centering.


Hope it helps,

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