Flow of Money

My BFF says you’re not poor until you can’t give anyone anything. She also says that no one really wants a big pile of money; instead, people are seeking a flow. It comes in, and it goes out, and then more comes in, for you to send back out, sort of thing.

I was walking downtown last week, and for some reason I couldn’t tell you, I had a penny in my pocket. I don’t normally keep any money in my pockets, but this day I had one cent.

A random person on the street was asking everyone near him for money, but the way he was asking was peculiar.

Him: “Give me anything, a quarter, a dime, a nickel!”
Me: “How about a penny?”
Him: “Yes ma’am, a penny will do nicely! Thank you! I got myself a penny!”
Me: “Enjoy it!”

I kept on walking by… and what do you know but two blocks up, while I was waiting for the light to change as a pedestrian, I looked down. I saw a heads-up penny. I picked it back up, and put it into my pocket. The very same.

Maybe there’s something to this concept of flow.
Does it work with more money? I don’t know. Guess I’ll find out.
Sending you love,

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