I just binged, now what?

Totally what I typed into google about 48 hours into getting off my meal plan. SEO for the win.

Okay so Christmas wasn’t very good to me. It started with Christmas Eve, which, for my family, that’s our main holiday meal. I had left about 600 calories for that meal in my calorie allotment. Blew through that – and got around 1100 or so.

And then I got home and ate another 1000 or so. Because I was craving sweets, and maybe a little hungry, maybe not, not even sure.

And then Christmas Day happened. I ate about 3500 calories that day. Because damn it, it’s Christmas. And I wanted to spend Christmas how I wanted to spend Christmas. Drinking wine and eating stupid amounts of chocolate with good company while my football team played their worst game possibly all year.

And then today I woke up, and the sugar cravings were intense. Intense. The cause: Probably a combination of having kicked artificial sweeteners, and having eaten so poorly the past two days.

I ate about 1500 calories of total sugar. It wasn’t even my own food – I don’t even buy this stuff, because I know I have this habit and tendency. It was all my roommate’s. I had about 7 granola bars and 4 servings of fruity pebbles.

Now I’m going to have to explain to my roommate where all his granola bars went. That’s gonna suck. And I realize that no joke, Self Care! Yeah you messed up – it happens. I think almost everyone who goes through calorie restriction has done this. It is human. We all mess up. We messed up because we were weak in some area, so let’s build ourselves back up a bit. Take care of yourself. I took a 3 hour nap because all of that sugar just knocked me out.

5) Workout! Exercise, do SOMETHING active. Strength training is best, but anything counts. Two reasons: First, this is damage control, and second, it’s a mental and physical step back onto the right path. After I woke up, I drove directly to Planet Fitness, joined up, and did the next workout from Strong: Nine Workout Programs for Women to Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism, and Build Strength for Life and then did the hydromassage thing. I still am not sure about that thingy.

Hope this helps,

Courtesy of Planet of Triumphs from Planet Fitness

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