Step 4 to making a change: Commit in a Big Way- Burn Those Bridges

So you recognize you need to change, you have a plan, you’ve done the mental work to succeed, now it’s time to get going!

Do something big, something crazy! to kickstart your change.  Do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Like what?
Turn on some fighting tunes and:
Announce it on Twitter and Facebook.
Flush whatever you’re addicted to.
Donate items from your old life or that enable you.

When do you do it?  Now!  Now now now now now! There is no time like the present. There is no time but now. The power is in now. The power is not in the future or tomorrow, it is in this very moment. Do It Now.

You want results? Do you really want change? If you do, you will do something now. If you aren’t willing to do something, anything, Right Now, then admit you don’t really want to change, and the status quo is acceptable. Yes, it really is that black and white. If you’re struggling, then re-read all the stuff about how the Status Quo is disgusting to you and come back here.

When I was first committing to dropping the weight, I got rid of everything that was too big, and actually also everything that fit me in that moment. Because I was done being that size, and I was not going back there.
I also spent $100 on a wifi scale. Because that was a tool I knew I needed.
And I also hired a personal trainer. Because I knew I needed help in that area.

Do not navigate away from this page without deciding what you are going to do, immediately, right now, towards your goal, and go and do it, right now now now now, no matter how small it is.  Make a phone call.  Send an email. Buy something. Hire someone. Throw something out or donate it. Tell someone. Meditate for five minutes while you repeat over and over to yourself your goal state like, “I am currently free of all addictions.” or whatever it is you’re working towards.

I have been totally binging on artificial sweeteners like no one’s business the past few days, knowing I’d planned to kick them on the first. I got totally disgusted with myself. They didn’t even taste good anymore. And the amount of hunger I felt was incredible. I decided that there was definitely a link between the sweeteners, and my hunger, and that they were not helping me but actively hurting me in getting to one of my primary life goals. And I got really pissed off. And I knew at that moment, that no matter how much I loved them, craved them, Needed them, I had to get rid of them, not later, but right that moment.

So I committed right then to being done with them. And I flushed them down the toilet.

In solidarity,

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