Shit My Personal Trainer Says – How to Lose 20 Pounds

Anna is amazing; I love her.

She’s moving to Hawaii this summer so if any of you want to work out while on vacation or are seeking a personal trainer to help you remotely – definitely hit her up.

This is what she told me.

Happy to hear that you’re keeping off what you’ve lost thus far. That’s a real battle in and of itself – be proud of that because so many people struggle to maintain weight loss. As for the next phase of your journey, if you’re still working on the last 20 pounds, I’d definitely consider adding some weight training for strength if you’re not doing so already. As you well know, lean muscle will boost your metabolism over time a bit. But I wouldn’t be too restrictive in eating during this phase or you won’t get very far. Try to at least maintain your normal calorie level if not boost it slightly.

Some of my favorite books right now that you might want to check out:

Also, I’m digging podcasts right now as I’ve been doing a lot of walking and am using that time for education as well. The Fitcast interviews a lot of the best in the fitness world and you may find some useful information in it. In the end, however, do what floats your boat. I know exercise was never something you enjoyed!

So… Anna’s advice, generally, has been on point. I trust her, and her advice follows my rules. So. I will probably do something like this around the first of the year, if not earlier.

Hoping for better,

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