Self Care Self Care Self Care Do Not Neglect Self Care

I do this thing, and I know it’s weird to most people but at the same time I don’t think I’m alone…

I don’t often really take the time to check in on how I’m doing and feeling, not Really, and I keep pushing forward and striving, doing work that I feel needs to be done, regardless of how I feel about it, or how I even feel in general.

So. I’ve been feeling a little down about the dating world the past couple days. And I’m not really losing weight (yet). I’ve been feeling a lot of insecurity about how other people in my life are accepting this blog. But at the same time, I’ve been dealing with insomnia. Which typically only happens when I have severe caloric restriction. I suspect it has to do with cortisol hormones. Which are really not good for weight loss. I’ll have to write about that at some point. Anyway, I think the weight loss is going to catch up at some point even though the scale is being very very mean to me right now. Gonna just keep doing what I’m doing for a couple weeks and reevaluate at the New Year. But in any case, I’ve gained like 3 pounds and I’m not happy about it.

But I just found a cold sore on my lip and those only happen when I’m stressed out.

So apparently I’m stressed out.

And it’s not good that I have to wait for my body to break out in an open sore before I realize that.

So. I’m putting on my Abreva. Drinking my tea and water. Maybe I’ll make some hot cocoa. With dutch processed cocoa and soy milk. And you know, maybe I might play some stupid video games tonight. My guitar from Guitar Hero is kind of neglected right now. Took a hot shower. Practicing what I preach. Gonna take it easy tonight.

With Love,

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