Get Rid of Clothes That Are Too Big ASAP

When I first started having lasting success in losing weight in 2015, one of the first things I did was try on everything in my closet, and threw out everything that was too big, and actually, I included everything that literally actually fit me. Because I was done being that size. I evaluated each item on an individual basis, but basically everything Size 20 and Up Had. To. Go.

Even if I reaaaaally liked it.
Even if it looked good on me.
Even if it was a gift.

So everything in my closet ranged from “a little too tight” to “hahaha I won’t fit into this for another 30 pounds”. No, not a single fully comfortable thing remained.

I kept everything I felt I could be seen out in public in (little too tight range) within easy reach, and kept two boxes in the bottom of my closet. One box had clothes that I thought I was close to being able to wear out in public – “short term” box. A second box had clothes that were smaller, and that I knew I had a ways to go before they’d fit – “long term” box.

Whenever the scale wasn’t moving fast enough, or at all, I’d pull out those boxes, and try on everything again. I’d purge everything that fit/was too big, and moved clothes into my closet from the boxes, or from “long term” to the “short term” box. So even if the scale wasn’t moving, I still felt as if I had made progress. And it made my frustration lessen. And it pointed out the progress I DID make, even if the scale wasn’t showing it.

This was complete and total commitment to me. Did I want to be that size? No. Was I serious this time? Yes. Did I plan to ever be this size again? No. So what was the point in hanging on to those clothes? None what so ever. Gone they went.

I think fully committing to a change and burning some bridges can be really powerful.

I should really do this again.

With love,

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