I Love Mondays

Yup total freak right here. I totally admit it.

I didn’t used to love Mondays. In fact when I was in my Human Resources career I kind of hated them. All right, really hated them. I hated getting up at 4am to go to work. It’s dark at 4am. I am a morning person and that sucked, even for me. I hated going to work and clicking on that email icon, because I knew it was going to be filled with all kinds of bullshit and most of it would be totally unpleasant. I hated doing the same stupid tasks day in, day out, and I was bored out of my mind. Add the politics and well… no wonder. It’s hard to like Mondays if you have five days ahead of you full of stuff you don’t like to do. After 7 years of it, my soul felt very burdened.

Over the past four years I’ve gone from a job I hate, not having any close friends, being obese, in a meh “sliding not deciding” relationship, just getting through each day and each week as it came to a much better situation and a much happier life. And I’m still working to improve it every day. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it better? Hell yes. Today I am appreciative that it’s Monday. I woke up at 7:30 without an alarm, wearing some soft new yoga pants that feel really good against my skin, and in 30 minutes I’m about to go take a Krav Maga class that I wanted to take for years but didn’t think I was worth shelling out the money to go do it, and then I’ll come back and get to work on both this little project here and maybe even I’ll start work on my other business too that I’ve been neglecting.

Because it’s Monday. Mondays are now days full of possibility. The start of a brand new week that I get to create. What will this week be like? Don’t know but I’m in control. What will I accomplish? Not sure but hopefully a lot. Will I get a lot closer to my goals? I sure hope so – I am closer now to them than I was when I made my vision board, can tell you that much!

A full day ahead to do good and fun stuff, a full week ahead to do great and inspiring things. It’s a good life. I am glad to have had the courage to leave behind my golden handcuffs and take the plunge.

I have these quotes on my chalkboard right now.

You have to be odd to be #1.
Decide to start living the life you imagine.
Some of the best days of your life have not happened yet.
Do something today your future self will thank you for.
This day will never happen again.

I leave you with this video that I really enjoyed. It’s an inspiring video from Comedian Steve Harvey about taking a leap of faith and “jumping” into the unknown to seize the life you have always imagined.

Happy Monday, Happy week, Happy rest of 2016,
With Love,


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