Eat What Ya Got Diet Update – Increasing Exercise

On November 27 I began my “Eat What Ya Got” diet.

On November 27 I weighed 149.2 and today I weighed 147.8.

So over the course of about ten days I’ve lost about a pound.

That is really not bad considering I haven’t been actively or heavily restricting my diet at all, and I definitely have had some high calorie foods in there.  Despite following my plan, I have had slightly more than normal social engagements that required meals out, and also got saddled with quite a few Thanksgiving leftovers that I hadn’t anticipated.

But as far as results go, they aren’t very good either.  And I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very good about the exercise piece of the puzzle. I have all kinds of excuses…

  • It’s too cold outside
  • I don’t want to go out in the snow
  • I don’t feel like it; I’m tired
  • I don’t have time, I have work to do
  • I’ll go later/tomorrow

I would like to juice these results up.  I honestly cannot explain it scientifically (Most exercise burns relatively few calories) but in my experience, I know exercise is critical to success, as much as it pains me to say that.  As a general rule, I dislike exercise.  I went on dozens of diets, but it wasn’t until I actively and fully committed to exercise where I was able to get this much weight to come off, and get it to stay off.  I heard that Oprah and Bob Greene subscribe to the same theory, and so I think that’s where I am going to concentrate my effort.  I’ve decided to begin a 7 day per week, 45 min early morning activity regimen where I am working at 70% intensity during that time.   Maybe it’ll make a difference.  I am going to lose this belly, damn it, I will lose it, and I will just keep doing stuff, and trying stuff, until it goes away.

Two barriers to this for me so far.  First is:  I don’t have a go to activity that I know I can stick to every day  The Second is:  I am averse to the idea of working out interfering with breakfast.  Do you eat before, or work out fasted?  Do I need to fuel the workout?  I have had runs before where if I ate before I had the most horrible stomach cramps, but then I want to be able to really push myself during the workout too, and not fueling it will impact my results.  At the same time though, if I do breakfast first before a workout, unless I go immediately to the workout, then it’s not a “first thing in the morning” workout, and I’ll be distracted often enough that it just won’t happen.

First things first – I think my best way to go around the first barrier is just to make a list of things that I could/would do right now, in the winter, that would fit this 45 min requirement, and just choose something every day.  And I’d have to tell myself that I have noooo choice, that something on this list must happen each day.  And maybe even set up my gear/clothes the night before so it’s ready to go in the morning.  So here I go.

  • Go for a run
  • Join Planet Fitness/Use their treadmills and other machines
  • Play Dance Dance Revolution for PS2 or EA Active for the Wii
  • Go for a walk
  • Use my resistance bands indoors
  • My martial arts class
  • Salsa and swing classes

I wish I had a longer list, honestly, but these are the only things I could think of that I could realistically see myself doing.  So I’ll roll with it.

I think in the mornings – after asking google and reading all about this conundrum of fueling a workout, I will just stick with water, banana, and a caffeine pill, and see how my tummy feels.  If I can’t run after that I’ll have to rethink, but for now I think that will be a good compromise.

So tomorrow, I am waking up and going for a run first thing guys…yay…?
Let’s hope for the best,

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