If You’re Finding Change is Hard, Try Self Care

Change is hard, man. It’s stressful, even if it’s a good change, even if you’re excited about it. Kicking bad habits is definitely hard, and in my opinion, takes a certain amount of mental fortitude to accomplish. And sometimes it’s a bitch.

I’ve noticed that if I’m struggling to do it, usually it’s because I am running on fumes when it comes to personal energy. Usually it’s due to stress.

I find it helpful in these situations to Make Time to take care of myself.

So what are some self care things a person can do?

They don’t have to be big. They can be anything that elevates your mood, or makes you feel a little better, or helps you tackle the world with a more ‘go-get-em’ attitude.

Here’s a list of things you might try. I think I’ve done all of these at one point or another.

Taking a Shower
Going on a walk
Any form of exercise, at all
A nice cup of tea or coffee
Sit by a warm heater if you’re cold, or A/C if you’re hot
Eat something, especially if it’s been over 4 hours since you’ve eaten.
Take over the counter medicine if you’ve got something ailing you.
Have a glass of water with some fruit or veggies sliced into it, like cucumbers or oranges.
Take a nap
Play your favorite song or playlist
Burn a candle or other scented item
Clean up your environment for 5 minutes
Take several long, deep breaths.
Notice and list things in your surroundings.
Splash water on your face or run your hands under the faucet.
Do a body scan meditation, or pay close attention to each of your body parts one by one.
Write in your journal.
Squiggle. Wiggle around. Dance. Stretch. Be silly and active for a few minutes.
Watch something that you know will make you smile or laugh.

Thanks for the chance to write, and I hope you found it helpful.

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