I Donated To Charity Yesterday

I’ve been apprehensive about this all month.  Giving away money.  It made me nervous.  

While in some ways, I’m quite financially secure, I don’t feel it in other ways.  I am so used to counting every dollar. Increasing my expenses makes me super nervous. Spending a lot of money at once is something that I can think about for weeks… months… years. My current income stream is variable and not even almost as reliable as I would like it to be.  So whenever I think about spending money, I think of it as impeding my future financial security, and ruining everything I’ve built so far financially. It’s a scary concept. As a result, I am quite careful with my money, and fairly careful in how I spend it.  Despite all this, I decided to give money away anyway. For Science!

I decided a few weeks ago that on the first of every month, I’d tally up my income for the month, and whatever it was, I’d multiply by 12 (to annualize it), then ask Peter Singer how much I should donate annually if that was my annual income . If you don’t make a lot, it doesn’t ask you to give much, and the more you make, the more it asks you to give. It sounds like some type of exponential function to me, and the formula isn’t divulged, so I will just ask the calculator every month.

This month was a bit of a lean month – and as a result I’m into it for $18.33.

I feel relieved – because I was nervous that I’d be ask to give an amount that was difficult for me to swallow. But $18.33 isn’t difficult, I can do that! Phew!

The downside of it being so low is that splitting it amongst various charities, like I initially envisioned I’d do, is kind of ridiculous, right? So I think I’ll just track my donations over time and hope to spread it out over the course of a year.


So I rounded up to $20.00 and decided to give to Wikipedia, which is a site I use all the time, and greatly appreciate. Thanks Wikipedia, for having an entry on practically anything I ever would want to look up, ever. My life is better and more enriched because of your site. And you know, because of you, I can win more money to give away by betting for the Philosophy game at bars and parties. So, there’s that.

You know what, that did feel pretty good, even though it was just 20 bucks.

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  1. The only place that I don’t mind donating to is animal charities. People I feel should help themselves.

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