Eat What Ya Got Diet

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was planning a cross country move. I obviously didn’t plan to move a bunch of food, so I embarked on the “Eat what ya got” diet. And I will tell you what. That was how I got down to my lowest adult weight ever. After struggling around the 150 pound mark for over a year, I effortlessly dropped to 140 pounds.

The Rules:
1) Make as many meals as you can using as many ingredients as you have on hand. This will not necessarily be the thing you most want to eat right that day, but something decent. (This is a diet, not a punishment.) Try to make it healthy if you can. Watch your oils and sugars.
2) The only things you are allowed to buy in the grocery store are ingredients to complete recipes (preferably healthy ones), or things that are obviously healthy like fruits, veggies, protein powder, etc, to shore up nutritional deficiencies you may have otherwise.
3) Do Not Eat Out More, and Do Not Eat Out Differently Than You Ordinarily Would. Do not go out to eat because “there’s nothing to eat at home”. Either something is made at home, or your diet is over. There is no in between. Eating out more, either in frequency or quantity of calories, breaks this diet.

The glories of this diet:
1) Once your trigger foods are gone, they are gone, and you’re left with stuff that you’ve stored for weeks… months…. dare I say years? Trust me, you’re not overeating this stuff.
2) You get to eat some new stuff and get creative.
3) You clear out some storage space.
4) Did I mention trigger foods? You no longer have any in the house after a couple weeks. You tend to eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. You’ll have to force yourself to cope with stress in a way other than eating a trigger food, and you’ll probably get a bit of a handle on emotional eating, if that’s an issue you have.
5) You save money because you’re eating more stuff that you already bought, rather than spending more money on new foods.
6) Variety becomes a challenge after a while, and the more boring your food is tastewise, the less you eat.

Our new fridge is coming on December 5 and I need to lose roughly 8 lbs to get back to 140 pounds. At the moment I’m embarking on the “Eat What Ya Got” diet, and attempting some cardio every day, in the hopes that I might naturally get back down to that weight without the hassle of restricting my food categories very heavily or counting calories. (These are very effective weight loss methods, but they require a lot of diligence.)

Today for dinner I made homemade bread from scratch (Hands on time of 10 minutes, recipe to come at a future date), and made a vegan sloppy joe mix using TVP, spices, tomato sauce and paste, frozen peppers, and an onion, and half a jalapeno (the other half was…. trash worthy.) Dessert was four squares of dark chocolate. Lunch was Thanksgiving leftovers with coffee. Breakfast was the remnants of some tortilla chips I got from a restaurant and some guacamole I’ve had frozen for over two months.

I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes 😉

Caveat: I recognize that there are people the world who don’t regularly have enough food to eat and struggle with hunger security. This post isn’t meant to make light of those people. Hunger is still a problem in our world. Please donate to your local food banks regularly (if there is food in your house that you know you really don’t want to bother eating, ever, now is a perfect time to donate), and if you’re so inclined, Feeding America is a good place to donate to help out.

Here goes nothing,

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