How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

So, there’s a lot of different methods and strategies to lose weight. About a million diets, hypnosis, therapy, support groups, exercise routines, meal timing, low carb, low fat I mean, no matter how hard I try I will never be able to touch all the creative ways people have devised in order to lose weight. But I have to say – at least in my experience, that there is but ONE way that I have managed to lose weight and that is this: I burned more calories than I ate. And I exercised.

And I really believe, in my heart of hearts, all of these diets, exercises, whatever, are a means to that end, either directly or indirectly. Every. Single. One. And you know what? They all probably worked, for at least one person, if they created a deficit. And probably the vast majority of those people currently exercise to keep it off.

So, in my opinion, in order to lose weight, I basically had to cobble together my own special magic combination of diet, lifestyle, and exercise, that worked for me. And the more I read, the more I think about it, and the more I listen to the success stories, I realize that that is the key. To lose weight, I had to change my diet, lifestyle, and exercise to a routine that worked for me, forever. So far, I have been able to keep 90 pounds off for two years.

But…I’m not at my goal weight yet, so I’m not done making changes and trying things.

So, you might be wondering how did I go about finding this special magic combination that finally gave me success?

Well, I just kept trying stuff. Different stuff. Different tactics, different habits, different foods, different lifestyles, different diets. Aunt Suzie did Diet A and it worked for her and I thought it might work for me? I stuck to it as long as I could. That bro at the gym is intermittent fasting? Why not? I tried it. Three times. Can’t do it, but now it’s easier to skip or delay breakfast. That lady I shared a cube wall with is doing an fucking insane 500 calorie raw vegan diet? I tried it, even though I knew it was a bit nutso. And you know what, I had a diet buddy, I learned some new recipes, and I added some new foods to my diet, so I won’t even say it was a waste of time. It was worth it.

And the good news is, I KNOW that that’s all you have to do, too, to meet your goal weight, if you aren’t there yet.

So here’s the deal! I’m going to, over time, go over a plethora of lifestyle, diet, and exercise things a person could do to lose weight. Some of which I tried and didn’t work, some of which I tried and still do to this day, some of which I haven’t tried yet but will try because God Damn It So Much These 20 Pounds Will Be Gone.

I’ll give out some ideas to try, but ultimately, the ‘how’ part here is very individual. It’s up to each person to choose which ideas to try that might work. It’s why there is no ONE program for everybody. Because it has to be a combination of diet, lifestyle, and exercise that works for YOU uniquely, and no one, not I, no doctor, no guru can tell you or show you exactly what that is. I had to find mine, and I’m still tweaking mine. Few people will want to 100% copy me and get my results, and that’s totally fine. I simply offer my experiences as food for thought. I encourage you to have a looksee and see what you think. And if you think you might learn something from doing one of my experiments? Give it a try. And if you think it might work for you? Give it a try to the very best of your ability. Do you think it’s stupid crazy and that would NEVER work? Then I challenge you to consider trying it for just One Day, or One Week, or even 30 Days because, hey, maybe that might be a serious area of growth for you.

Oh but there’s one Gotcha! And it’s this: Every time I tried something, if it didn’t work, I didn’t think to myself, “OH, I FAILED”. I only failed once I gave up. Keep trying things until you find something that DOES work. You WILL eventually find something if you’re genuine about trying things. And eventually, several small changes will add up to big changes over time. I’ve lost 90 lbs. I wear a size 2 sometimes. I have never met my goal weight. I haven’t lost my last 20 pounds or whatever. I still am not happy with my body. Have I failed? I don’t think so. And if you get on this journey, and stay on this journey, you won’t have either.

Wishing you all of the success in the world. Let’s do this!

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