What to Do After You’ve Set Goals

So I now have 6 1-year goals (because I skipped the whole materialistic goals section), some pretty doable I feel, some pretty insanely crazy, but most of which I am on board with getting to by the end of next year.  So what am I supposed to do now?

Two things.

First – imagine what your life will be like once you meet all of your 1-year goals.  Gotta be honest – if I manage to meet them all, my life will be beyond my wildest dreams.  I anticipate a level of happiness I almost don’t believe is possible.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much daily joy I’d have.  Just thinking about it, and believing it might actually be possible, is incredibly inspiring.

Second – get going!  Print them out, put them somewhere you can see them, and write down a Quick Win next to each one so you can get the momentum going forward.  What’s a quick win?  A quick win is an action you can take within 24 hours that gets you a little bit closer, or a little bit better off, than you were before.  It starts your momentum and gets you going down the right path.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to do this, I really really did, but I kind of struggled. Not the first part, the first part is easy. Second part was hard – doing 6 quick wins in 24 hours is a lot!! But here are the things I DID do:

1) Well, updated this blog 🙂
2) I started re-reading The Beck Diet Solution and I have a loosely defined eating and exercise plan that I will work on firming up.
3) I have made an effort to meditate every day.
4) I figured out all the links to donate to some charities.

That’s pretty much it – but I am tackling two pretty head-on right now – my main two. I’m not sure how to feel about not getting all 6. Maybe I need to go back and rereview or something, but also, why do I need all 6? Just because TR says I should have 6, or rather 9? That’s kind of dumb. I don’t know about you guys but 9 major life goals is a lot for me to focus on. I get kind of obsessive and if I am spread out that thinly, I feel like I won’t make as much progress. I think I like just having around half of that. So maybe I’m happy with where I am after all.

Pensively 😉

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