Advanced Goal Setting – Setting Materalistic “Thing” Goals

This post will make way more sense if you have read this post first.

TR is a maniac – it’s true!  You would think that picking out your top 3 goals for the year and really working hard emotionally to get yourself fired up and emotionally ready to burn the midnight oil would be enough for him but no!  He goes on.  It’s bananas.  But I’m game.

The next step is to follow the exact same step of goal setting but this time he has you focus on “things”.  Particularly things you want to own, have, do, and yeah, mostly materialistic things.  You do a brain dump, then prioritize when you’re committed to getting the things, and then choose the top 3 you are absolutely committed to procuring within the year, and state why and how you are committed. Just like in the last post.

Guys… I’m not really driven by material things. I know some people are, cool if you are, cool if that motivates you, cool if it makes you happy, different strokes for different folks. In fact I’d venture to say that MOST people have some THINGS they want.

There are material things I do want. I would like a Tesla. I’d like to own a house with a wonderful view. I want an Emmanuel Sanders Broncos Jersey because I have a football crush on him. I want to go on a cruise in March. But none of these things really light my motivation on fire.

I just can’t get absolutely committed to procuring any of this stuff this year. I just do not care that much. It doesn’t motivate me. It doesn’t excite me. It doesn’t drive me. I would eat cat food for a year if it meant I had a cool website business and my ideal body while connecting with my spirit every day. The rest just does not even compare for me.

I have to say this little part just didn’t work for me.

But, bottom line, this is authentic me, and you should be authentic you.  TR gives you permission to be materialistic so go for it – if there is something you want, and it drives you – own it! Probably most people DO have something which is the whole point of this exercise even existing. Write it down, print out a picture, be driven and motivated by it! I’m just being honest that material things just don’t drive me right now or give me emotional energy.  

I think there’s power in picking 3 things that genuinely motivate you, no matter what they are. I also think there’s power in committing to them, even if you think most people would not have the same things on their list.  Doesn’t matter, you aren’t most people.  You’re you, and you’re designing YOUR life, like I’m designing mine.  We don’t give a fuck what most people are doing; we give a fuck about what WE are doing.  We all get to design our own lives.  Cool huh? 🙂

But wait, there’s more… onwards to Part 3!

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  1. Ok ya have me making a list of goals, and the brain dump… must must try that! Looking forward to part 3 !!!

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