Goal Setting is for Everyone, Yes Even You – So Let’s Do It Together

14962586954_71434f3054_zOn my way to a class, Tony Robbins starts my day off today calling out anyone who is basically thinking “Goal Setting, blah blah blah, I know what my goals are, next”.

Goal setting is crucial I’m told.  Fundamental even.  Professional athletes become so because of the amount of time they’ve put into mastering not the weird crazy goofy amazing stuff they do; instead they completely master the fundamentals, and Goal Setting is fundamental to performing your best, he says.  And if you want to master whatever it is you’re working on, you work on the basics.  Oh, and studies show that people who have written goals make a gadzillion dollars, and if you don’t have your goals written down, you better like eating cat food for dinner, he says.  Kind of.  I’m only slightly exaggerating.

Okay Okay Tony!  I will write down my goals!

But seriously – anyone who’s spent any time focusing on how to make things happen will tell you that your results massively improve once you select and visualize an outcome, which is basically what goal setting is.  I should probably spell that out more but I do not feel like it 🙂  Instead, I’ve gone to google to confirm there are in fact 7.6 million results already explaining it so I am officially off the hook!  Feel free to read up.  I’ll be here when you get back.  Moving on!

Tony says I can set goals that are crazy and absurd, even if they are way beyond my current skill level or even if I do not necessarily believe that I can make it happen.  All I have to do is get inspired enough to do it – and then if I do that, I can make it happen.  He also says that you want to make it painful Not to do them, and one way to do that is to tell other people what your goals are – so you are too embarrassed to back out!  So, ahem, cough, here we go guys!

Step 1 is to take 6 minutes and write out just a brain dump of anything you want, no matter how absurd it may sound right now.  I had 108 items.

Step 2 is to assign a timeline in which you hope to accomplish these goals – within 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years.  Turns out I’m not too patient guys, my to do list for 2017 is 48 items long, though to be fair there are some repeats or variations of various themes listed.

I am supposed to pick the top 3 of those 48, and state why I’m absolutely committed to achieving these goals this year.  So here’s what I have decided.  I am absolutely committed to accomplishing these three line items by end of year 2017:

Item 1:  I want to create the most amazing web space and community for people like you and I to come together, uplift each other, live good lives and get shit done as part of a team.  I have felt driven to do this type of work for a very long time, and I have only just now realized it.  I know I have a unique voice to help others along the paths they choose and I know I can help people in a unique way that very few, perhaps even no one else, can.  I am excited to take my lifelong passion and use it to help others, and the more I think back on my life the more I realize that my past has been preparing me for exactly this.  I am prepared to do this now because to wait would just be denying what I know I can do, and what I think may be my best possible contribution to our world.

Item 2:  I want to finally drop enough body fat that I am happy with my body and no longer feel the need to lose any more weight.  I have already lost approximately 85 pounds, but I feel I need to lose approximately 20 more.  I’ve been struggling with the final 20 for over a year now, but that struggle is about to end.  I know I am ready for this final home stretch.  I am ready to achieve my goal.  I am ready to be in control of my cravings and my body.  I am ready to cross that finish line and say “Mission Accomplished!”  I know if I make this happen, it gives me even more energy and momentum to make Item 1 happen.  I am sick of my goals just being out of reach.  This year, I meet my goals, and then through that, help you meet yours.  This is one I know I can knock out of the ballpark.

Item 3:  I want to reach a new level of spirituality and KNOW I have my own personal, abundantly clear spiritual connection.  I know that in order to help others, I need to be flying high myself.  I need to lift myself up as high as I can so you can fly with me too. I need to reach for the sky so I can show others how to do it too.  And being at a new level should provide me with new levels of clarity and inspiration which will snowball and allow me to be an even greater force of good for people in my life.

Phew!  I feel like I’m done, but I’m not!  TR is just getting started!  I am burnt out though so you guys will just have to wait for Part 2 coming up soon. 😉

Going for it,


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