Working on my Morning Routine

It turns out that very many successful people have a morning routine where they just work on them, “me” time as it were.  Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, most CEOs… it’s so ubiquitous that you could almost say that the morning routine is key to their success, or at least to their continued success.

The past month or so I have been cobbling together my very own morning routine with mixed success.  I have been allowing myself to get sidetracked a lot and so sometimes certain parts haven’t been happening.  Either my boyfriend is staying the night with me and is delaying my morning, or I get a work phone call that I have to take, or I just simply schedule or do something else other than my morning routine, even though I have admitted to myself how important it is.  Also I have found that it’s so long and there’s so much I want to do in it that if I don’t undertake it in a focused way, it can literally take me all day to complete it.  So much for doing it in the ‘morning’ right?

So I recently came across this book called The Power of Relentless: 7 Secrets to Achieving Mega-Success, Financial Freedom, and the Life of Your Dreams – I’m guessing my boyfriend’s mom was reading it.  (I’m a very firm believer in right place right time – this book just happened to be sitting next to me while I was watching a not very compelling football game and had plenty of time to digest its content, so I felt compelled to pick up this book and give it a look over.)

20161030_114336The book itself didn’t particularly grab me and I don’t wholeheartedly recommend it but there was one section that spoke to me, so much so that I took a photo of the page.

Turns out this guy has roughly the same ideal morning routine that I have, and in fact, he takes 3 hours every day to do it.  (So maybe I’m on to something!)  But also, he admits that most people don’t have that kind of time, and recommends that you take 90 minutes instead to complete all of these tasks, and breaks them into 30 minute chunks.

So, this was an interesting concept to me – because the truth is that if you don’t have a scheduled block of time in which to complete work it does tend to take a long time to do.  But if you take say, 30 minutes, and have 5 things you want to do in those 30 minutes, that makes it much more likely that you will complete them quickly and promptly.  Otherwise, it really does hold true for me that work will expand to fill the time alloted and if I give it all day, well, then it will literally take me all day!  But if I give it 30/90 minutes… and I’m diligent about it, then that is definitely doable.

So today is my first attempt at this 30/90 split and I’ll tell you what- I loved it!  It’s working great for me – I got a run in, I got a lot of visualization, affirmation, meditation in, I got breakfast in, and now here I am writing this post for you all to read.  I feel on top of the world, calm, and ready to take it all on.  

Hope you like the idea,

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