Intention and Focus with Vision Boards

Where you put your energy, time, intention, and focus is where things tend to improve in your life, and likewise, the areas you neglect are areas that simply don’t tend to change, or slowly worsen over time.

So in that vein it really pays off to pay attention to where you are putting your energy, time, intention, and focus, so that you get the results you’re hoping for, right?

I’ve been keeping a vision board.  It’s basically a board of things that you intend to bring into fruition in the future.  Here is mine as it stands currently.


It’s an active piece of work that I change as I get inspired to add more things, or remove things once they are either completed or no longer resonating with me.  But everything on this board means something to me.  And every day, I review this board, and choose which areas I am going to focus on today.


What I sometimes realize is, nothing I have planned that day takes me any closer to my ultimate vision of my future self.  At that point I’m usually then rearranging my day, trying to make sure I’m at least one step closer to my fantasy self, no matter how small that small step may be.

Including this small step as a part of my mornings has been powerful.  I figure: If you align your time, energy and focus with your ultimate goals, you certainly can’t help but reach them eventually.

Hope the idea helped,


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