Free Guided Sleep Meditation Audio

I created a guided sleep meditation audio, which you can get for free here with a sign up for my newsletter. It’s heavily researched and painstakingly crafted to deliver amazing results in just 13 minutes.

It started with an idea.  A big idea.  I realized that somewhere along the way, I had become empowered, and I uniquely could help others live more empowered lives.

That idea became a process.  A process anyone can follow to improve their lives.

The process then became a longer program, which can walk anyone from zero to hero.

The first step in all this awesome is this guided sleep meditation audio.  (Did I mention that it’s free?  And that you’ll also get my (super motivating) weekly newsletter? 🙂

Anyway, I think it’s important to tell you:  Just as soon as I sketched out this program, the first thing it gave back to me was a huge crisis of confidence.

Who am I to have the audacity to believe that I could have and create a thing like this, and have it be any good?

Maybe everything good has already been said.

Maybe this market is saturated.

I don’t have a Ph.D. in Life Hacking.  (Or even Life Tinkering…)

No world famous research institute backs me.

I don’t even have an official fan club, and even Justin Bieber has one of those… 🙂

Then I remembered that, a lot of the time, successful people just go for it anyway.

Self improvement concepts have been around for way longer than Tony Robbins, but Tony Robbins ended up creating his Robbins Research Institute anyway.  By the way, he just made it up.  Filled out a random legal form for creating a company, and when he named his business, he decided to label his work ‘research’, and well, why can’t his little rented space be an institute?  So he claimed it.

The Biebs started out by just putting out random YouTube videos that went viral.

And Allen Carr just randomly discovered a process for himself to go from 100 cigarettes per day to zero, without suffering and willpower.  He began to tell other people about it.  He now has gone on to sell over 12 million books and created a line of Allen Carr Clinics to help you tackle a ton of different addictions.  And he didn’t have any of higher level education, like a Ph.D. in addiction or substance abuse, either.  But he boasts a 90% success rate, despite that.

One of my favorite personal finance blogs started in 2011, after I had been telling myself that there just wasn’t any room and money in blogging anymore. I thought “Who could even compete with the big boys now by simply starting out typing some stuff into a computer?” Well, that guy has made several hundred thousand dollars from his blog by now.

In summary, these guys basically started out by just putting out their stuff into the world, and letting the world respond.

Therefore, the bottom line is, if your stuff is good, that’s enough, and people will respond.

Well…  I can create stuff, too.  And you know what else?  Some of the stuff I create is pretty good. 


Sometimes it seems like everything has already been said or created, but it hasn’t.  The basics are critical, and people need reminders of them again, and again.  By different people, with different voices, personalities, backgrounds and situations, using new language they understand, in unique combinations, from someone they connect with.

While it’s true that this movement already has many voices, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t also need my unique voice.

And now I have this little mission here, and it keeps making appearances in my thoughts. Telling me that I’m on to something. Telling me that, maybe, just maybe, this is a something.  Maybe a really big something.

Therefore, I decided to make this little guided sleep meditation audio.

Then, I used it.

And it exceeded my largest expectations.

And I think it’s going to exceed yours too.

So tell me about this Guided Sleep Meditation audio thingy?

It accomplishes four things in 13 minutes.  It soothes your mind, elevates your mood, trains your brain into a success mindset, and carries all three of those aspects into the next morning.

You can use the audio any time, but I’ve intended it to fit into your day at the very end – while you’re in bed, just before you fall asleep.

It’s available in both audio and text formats, so you can read or listen to it, just before you drift off to dream land.

It’s free – all you have to do is sign up for my weekly e-mail newsletter to get it.

The newsletter is a quick weekly email message from me. It will contain a new perspective or focus for the week that I thought you might benefit from.  The newsletter will take on the form of a weekly topic or pep talk to get you ready to go for the week ahead. You can unsubscribe any time.  But you’ll get my guided sleep meditation audio link once you sign up, which you can do here.

Happy Trails! 🙂

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