Are you living the life you imagine?

As affairs currently stand I don’t really feel super awesomely great, financially speaking, about walking into a Tesla dealership and walking out with some papers saying I own one of those.

But, I think I will be there someday.

So, yeah, I did it. I scheduled a test drive, and drove the Tesla S, which starts at $68,000 MSRP.

I drove it.  It’s a nice car.  I seriously considered all kinds of things about it as if I were really going to buy it.  I asked some serious questions.  The sales person took me seriously.  I drove it for an hour. Basically I embodied “Rich Kasia” for the afternoon which was surprisingly easy to do, and kinda fun.




It’s not the perfect car.  Nope.  Like, I was heavily discouraged from changing the tire on it.  “That’s what Tesla roadside assistance is for!!”  Uh huh, that’s really helpful if I’m stuck at a trailhead in the mountains with no cell service.  And also, “You don’t have to worry about oil changes, ever!  You just have to go to a dealership once per year for maintenance (that costs $400-800 per visit)!!”.

But.  I might put a fully refundable deposit down on one.  The Model 3 comes out in about 12-18 months.  And my life may be very different then.  Shall I practice what I preach?  Shall I decide to start living the life I imagine myself living? Shall I believe that some of the best days of my life have not happened yet?  Do I dare to be #1, even though it makes me odd? 🙂  Shall I believe that good things are on the way, and act as if they have already happened?


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