Questions You Should Ask Yourself Everyday

Photo: 夏爱克 via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

What is it I DO want?
What do I really want to do today?
What life experiences do I really want to have next?
How do I really want my house to be decorated?
How do I want this situation to play out?
What does my ideal day look like today?
How do I want to feel today?
What will bring me the most joy today?
What is the BEST thing that can happen?
What is the BEST possible outcome?
What outcome will bring me the MOST joy?
What could happen that would make me feel so much joy before going to bed tonight?
What do I really want to happen tomorrow?
What would be the most amazing thing that could happen to me tomorrow?
What would it feel like to experience the most wonderful thing for me?
What gives me joy?
What do I really, really, really love?
What would I really like to do right this minute?
How would it feel to be in complete joy?

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