What Would the Ideal Version of You Do?

This is a different spin on my previous post about how envisioning and becoming an alter ego is a key strategy toward getting what you want.

Consider this.

As you go throughout your day, ask yourself:
What would [ideal version of me] do?

So, for example:
What would size 0 Kasia do?
What would financially independent Kasia do?
What would super zen super spiritual Kasia do?
What would Kasia the athlete do at the gym today?

Photo: Breezy Luik via Flickr, used under Creative Commons License (By 2.0)

Consider really becoming this person as much as you can, as often as you can, in your mind. Literally inhabit him/her. And watch as your habits slowly shift and change.

It works for any goal, really… kicking a nasty habit or picking up a good one, or even an end state goal.

So define the ‘ideal’ you – and then ask yourself: what is the next step?  Choose the easiest step if you like.  Just do it.  And furthermore, ask yourself –

How would [idealized version of me]:

  • Drive around town?
  • Fall asleep in bed?
  • Answer the phone?
  • What would this person eat today?
  • Is he/she friendlier?
  • When he/she sits in a chair, how does he/she sit?
  • Does he/she hold his/her head higher?
  • How does this person walk around?  Lighter step? More confidently?
  • What would this person wear today?
  • How do this person’s clothes feel on his/her body?
  • How do other people react to this person?
  • How does this person think in general?
  • What kind of self-care does this person engage in?
  • Even better, how would someone you really admire or want to impress react?
  • What would this person do for fun tonight?
  • How would this person walk through the store?
  • What would this person say in conversation?
  • Where does this person shop?
  • What would this person do when he or she is stressed out?
  • Where does this person live?

And on and on…

And once you answer these questions, try to live out your life as if you were already this person as much as you can.  So – maybe you can’t live in your dream house yet, but maybe you can go to the open house for one, or drive by it and touch the front yard’s fence.  Or maybe you can’t afford to hop on a private jet and go to Paris right this red hot minute – but you can start looking at websites and plan what you’d do once you get there, so you know exactly where you’d say, what you’d do, and how much you need to save in order to make that a reality.

Struggling?  Thinking to yourself “Oh Gosh well I can’t do that”?

Well then, I ask you, how do you think you’ll ever achieve your goal?  If you can’t even go to an open house or plan your trip for FREE, how will you ever believe that you might be able to afford that house some day or get yourself to Europe?  Do you think it might ever actually happen if you don’t even let yourself believe it’s even possible?

So if that’s your issue… I’m here to tell you to believe that you have what it takes.  That you are good enough.  And that you 100%  deserve your dreams.  And that whatever price you may have to pay to get there is worth it.


Give yourself permission to dream.

Accept where you are now.  Release that person, because you’re not that old version of you anymore.  And get ready to be a bigger, better version of you.

So here I am taking my own medicine.

Rich Kasia drives a Tesla.  So…I scheduled a test drive of a Tesla this month.

Spiritual Kasia has this incredible connection to God that she’s always working on… So… I’m taking a Reiki Practitioner’s course this month.

Thin Kasia is a size 0 So….I’m going to go to Nordstrom’s (that’s where Rich Kasia shops) and pick out clothes she’d wear at that size.

And of course all of these versions of me are more positive, more friendly, more confident, as we go about our daily lives… so that’s something I hope to embody in the coming days.

Hope it helps,

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