Doing Something is Better Than Doing Nothing

Yesterday I resolved to go for a run this morning.

Then I woke up this morning and saw it was 5 degrees and windy outside. And I am a complete weakling against the cold.

Then I looked up Runner’s World Clothing Calculator to see what I’d even have to put on to go outside in such nonsense and was told to wear a heavy jacket, or a sweatshirt under a light jacket.

I don’t even think I own a heavy jacket. And I definitely don’t own an oversized light jacket. (I barely own oversized anything – I find doing so let’s me stay in denial about any weight regain for far too long.)

And I had a cat on me, purring very contentedly.

So, I didn’t go…. but I did have an immediate quick breakfast and played DDR for 30 minutes.

So, did I do my plan exactly? No. But did I at least do something? Yes. Did I make progress in the right direction? Yes. Did I start establishing SOME kind of habit, even though maybe it’s not exactly the one I had thought about? Yes. So I’ll give myself credit for that. More on that tomorrow.
With appreciation,


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