The Power of Believing in Luck


I consider myself a lucky person.  When I’m down to my last chip I usually, miraculously somehow manage to have a stroke of luck that makes it all work out.  I can think of multiple instances  which could have been downright awful but with a little bit of luck, turned out okay, or even better than I could have hoped for.  I consider being lucky part of my personal identity.  I tell other people that I’m lucky.

So here comes the leap of faith:  I believe I am lucky because I believe I am lucky.


And because I believe I am lucky, I believe I’m more open to receiving and experiencing it, so I actually get MORE lucky as time goes on.

Can I just tell you about an amazing morning I had last week?

Not only did I just barely catch the train to the airport that morning.  Oh no.  It gets better.

I lost my driver’s license at the airport after having gone through security.  I had it for a while, checked my pockets for it multiple times, but somewhere, somehow, it went bye bye, and I didn’t have a clue where, because I had walked the full length of the Concourse already to improve my step count for the day.

My flight was taking off in 30 minutes and boarding was going to start any minute.  I booked it to information… no one was there.  Called the information line, it’s just an automated system.  I text the information people, no reports of it being turned in.  I start just retracing my steps even though I knew how futile it likely was.  After a couple minutes of walking nowhere fast,  I accepted it was gone and stopped at a random gate 20 doors down but same airline, to change my flight.  That gate was going to Ontario Canada, even though I was headed to San Francisco.



Someone had literally just turned my driver’s license in to THAT gate.  THAT gate, out of 50 others I had walked by, in THAT moment. And I had chosen THAT gate, at THAT moment, to stop and try to change my flight.  The gate agent handed it back to me, and I rushed to my gate and, yeah, I got the last aisle seat on my flight, to top off an amazing morning.

Luck, am I right?   Truly amazing.

Shout out and a million thanks to random person who found my DL, the gate agent, and the information text person for all playing a part on this crazy morning and giving me something else to be thankful for!

The universe is incredible sometimes. I love being pleasantly surprised and taken care of.
Wishing you the same,

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